Manage Your Environmental Data and Download Reports

Managing information related to your environmental recycling impact online is a top priority for you. That's why we have created its Customer Information Management Solutions (CIMS). CIMS will improve your ability to manage your environmental services data, remain in compliance with applicable regulations and lower your company's cost of doing business.

Due to the sensitivity of environmental data, access to CIMS is available through an approved account. If you are a current customer, and want to be a CIMS client, please Register for CIMS. CIMS access will be confirmed within 48 hours once your application has been reviewed and processed.

CIMS for RecyclePak®

With CIMS for RecyclePak, you will have access to downloadable reports in excel that you can further manipulate as needed. In addition, you also get a repository for storing your Certificates of Acceptance for Recycling. The following features and reports are available with CIMS for RecyclePak®

Returned Containers Report

Access to all returned RecyclePak containers with recycling data for one location or multiple. Report can be run over time and can be exported to Excel for further data manipulation. Data reported includes: 

  • Unit type (lamp type, size, etc.)
  • Number of each unit
  • Location number and/or delivery address
  • Location name and/or delivery address
  • Container order date
  • Unique container ID
  • Container tracking number
  • Container received date

Certificates of Acceptance Repository

Access a repository of Certificates of Acceptance for Recycling of RecyclePak®. Certificates are available for immediate download or sign up for automatic delivery upon receipt. Views are available over time and by location.

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